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2022 - 2023

11TH October 2022

'Walking from Pershore to Rome'

Chris O'Grady

8th November 2022

'Caring Hands' 

Food Bank - Christmas Hampers

13th December 2022

Christmas Party

10th January 2023

'Caring Hands'

& The Lighthouse Project

14th February 2023

'Cyber Crime'

West Mersia Police

14th March 2023


Stephanie Roff

11th April 2023

'Native Gardener'

Ryan Lippitt

9th May 2023

Social Evening

13th June 2023

'The Bard of Barnwood'

Margaret Daniels

Unfortunately this has been cancelled, an alternative is being arranged.

11th July 2023

Visit to the garden 'Glass Artist'

Wendy Stafford in Offenham

8th August 2023

'A game of Boules'

Waterside Park

12th September 2023


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